Dream Aquarium Screensaver 1.52

Bring fish, octopi, and other aquatic animals to your screensaver

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista

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    7.0 (342)

The Dream Aquarium Screensaver features the latest in artistic design schemes and innovations. It displays extremely realistic schools of fish against a wonderful and relaxing tropical background. The immersive nature of this software will pull you into a world where you can design a fancy fish tank and participate in the creation of your own custom screensaver. Our software is an exemplar of where art meets entertainment in screen savers. Download this experience immediately!

What does Dream Aquarium Screensaver actually look like? What are important elements of the software and its setup?

With Dream Aquarium Screensaver, your friends and anyone who happens to wander past your idle computer will marvel at the immense realism of the ostensibly living fish and thriving aquatic habitat contained merely in the boundaries of your screen! Our software offers the best and most intricate designs and our art and animation quality sets us well above the level of the standard competitor.

Now, what customization options really make this software stand? In the trial version, you can only fiddle around with two fish species. An upgrade will allow 16 different species for the user to choose from and generally wider options in customization. However, the trial is not as boring or uninteresting as it seems. Each fish species is intimately crafted and carefully designed. The flowing movements and turns of the virtual fish as the hypnotically move around in the space of your screen mimic the effect of an actual tank that you might see at the dentist's office. Light shines down into the tank and refracts throughout the water and through different objects as the water and fish shift naturally. You can even add crabs that will crawl around on the bottom of the tank and explore the different tank floor features of their environment for added entertainment.

Moreover, the developers of this software have described the beauty of the designs and grace of the movements of the fish as "next generation". This illustrates the effort that has been dedicated to creating such realistic and impressive models for your convenience and viewing pleasure. The fish function as if they were real by darting around at the sign of danger, moving up to cautiously nibble on food that casually floats at the top of the tank, or hiding around behind coral and other tank structures. The fish even have dynamic eyes and gills that move according to the natural autonomous behavior of fish in the wild. As an added function, there is an option to expand the screensaver to a full screen and even to multiple screens should the user desire it. This amazing and fantastical work of art will brighten any idling monitor.


  • Fantastic colors and environment
  • Realistic fish movements in every aspect
  • A wide range of fish to choose from in the full version
  • Breathtaking visuals overall


  • Annoying pop-ups plague the screen when the user has not upgraded to the full version.
  • Only two species are available in the trial version.

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